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The Xavier Institute Wiki is the official wiki of the movie-based X-Men role-playing board, "The Xavier Institute". It contains information about the board's characters, both official Marvel canons and original creations, as well as details of various objects, places, and events relevant to the board's timeline. This wiki was created collaboratively and is maintained by the members of the XI community.

Enter the future of the homo sapien...

Greetings, Potential Student

Much has changed in the world. The once fragile peace attained between mankind and mutantkind has begun falling apart at the seams. Factions in the outside world are beginning to form - some benign, some dangerous.
In the county of Westchester, one safe haven remains for our kind, founded on a single dream of peaceful coexistence, of a world in which mutant and man can put away their swords and begin to build the bridges they have burned.
My name is Professor Charles Xavier, and this dream is mine.
At the Xavier Institute, now entering its eighth year of open recruitment, students are able to join classes and various activities. Students will also have a safe place to train with their powers, and participate in sparring matches. Train well, and you may be asked to participate in missions in the league of an elite team, membership in which few are able to boast:
The X-Men.
But beware - some exist that will try to tempt you away from our cause. Magneto, his children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and a faction called the Brotherhood of Mutants is recruiting with more fervor than ever, standing to block the X-Men's every move.
Our strength lies in our numbers, and in troubled times, strength is never in excess. So the questions remains, dear potential student. Will you accept my invitation? Will you join our school? There is much that awaits you, but your future is in your own hands.


Professor Charles Xavier

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